Common faults and solutions of Beating Freeness Tester


Beating Freeness Tester is a new type of instrument developed by our company in accordance with national standards. The instrument is mainly used to measure the filtration rate of diluted pulp suspension, and is a conventional laboratory instrument with mature structure and clear technical requirements.

Dirty filter chamber and funnel: The inner walls of the filter chamber and funnel should not be contaminated with oil. The inner walls should be regularly rinsed with a dilute sodium hydroxide solution, and finally rinsed twice with distilled water to prevent residual sodium hydroxide from corroding the walls.

The overflow port at the bottom of the funnel is an important component of the instrument and should be protected to prevent dirt from blocking the small hole. If there is dirt blocking the overflow port, do not use a hard stick to poke it. Only use a cork stick to gently poke out the dirt, and then clean it with gasoline.

Copper mesh rust: Keep the copper mesh clean regularly, and replace it promptly if any rust or other defects are found, ensuring that it can be used at any time.

If the instrument is not used for a long time, it is necessary to keep the copper mesh dry and clean it thoroughly before drying. If the experiment is interrupted for a few hours, the filter chamber must be placed in a bucket, and the water surface in the bucket must exceed the copper mesh to keep the copper mesh moist.

When installing a new copper mesh, special attention should be paid to not leaving any gaps in the tensioning ring placed on the copper mesh to prevent the slurry from filling the gaps.

Abnormal speed of mechanical lifting device: It is important to regularly pay attention to the flexibility of the mechanical lifting device's movement. The lifting speed of the sealing cone is 100 ± 10mm/s (measured under the working state of the instrument). If it does not meet the requirements, the length of the rope can be adjusted.

Ventilation port and air balance pipe port are blocked: always pay attention to the internal holes of the sealing cone as the ventilation port and the air balance pipe port on the base of the filling chamber to avoid blockage.

Beating Freeness Tester : The sealing of the sealing cone should be checked regularly. The inspection method is as follows: Rotate the handle to allow the sealing cone to enter the filter chamber until the wedge is locked, and then pour 1000ml of distilled water. The water should not flow out from the overflow port for about 1 minute. Otherwise, the adjusting nut on the sealing cone rod can be adjusted to achieve the purpose of sealing.

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