Faster and more accurate - YANTE completes the upgrade of GSM Sample Cutter


Recently, YANTE has completed a new upgrade of the GSM Sample Cutter and the newly upgraded pneumatic quantitative sampler has achieved breakthroughs in the internal structure and functionality of the product.


The new YT-QDL100 pneumatic GSM Sample Cutter has also undergone a completely new appearance design. According to the research team of YT-QDL100, the pneumatic GSM Sample Cutter uses a fashionable and simple gray white color tone, which not only showcases a sense of technology, but also meets the aesthetic needs of the public.

GSM Sample Cutter


The upgraded pneumatic GSM Sample Cutter has brought many improvements. In terms of sampling range, traditional quantitative samplers can only sample paper and cardboard; The upgraded pneumatic qGSM Sample Cutter adopts pneumatic pressurized sampling, greatly reducing manual errors and deformations, and expanding the sampling range. In addition to paper and cardboard, it also adds sheet sampling for sanitary products such as textiles, toilet paper, and sanitary napkins, as well as sampling for composite sheet raw materials such as rubber and plastic sheets, films, and soft packaging. In terms of sampling thickness, the pneumatic quantitative sampler has achieved the sampling of 7.0mm thick cardboard, greatly solving the sampling problem of cardboard length.

YANTE has always been committed to promoting the development of the industry through innovative technology, and has developed a series of complete testing instruments for papermaking, printing, and packaging, providing strong support for the papermaking packaging industry. The release of YT-QDL100 pneumatic GSM Sample Cutter is the result of the continuous efforts of YT-QDL100. We believe that it will bring users more convenient paper and cardboard sampling operations.

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